Information and Computer Technologies

Oakleigh Primary School embraces the use of Information and Computer Technologies. These technologies are highly visible throughout the school, with Interactive Whiteboards or LCD screens in each classroom, desktop computers, ipads, class sets of netbook computers and a dedicated computer lab for skills teaching.

ICT is used as a platform for presenting and publishing children’s work, for accessing information and for learning and practising skills such as touch typing, word processing and spreadsheets. The children learn to create multi-media presentations such as ibooks, videos, slide shows and stop-motion animations.  Ipads are used as a teaching and learning tool, through the use of school-approved apps and websites. Students in Year 5 & 6 learn basic programming skills using robotics. Our school subscribes to Mathletics and Reading Eggs. These subscriptions provide our students with 24hr a day access to these websites so the children can access these sites from home as well as from school.

Children learn to access a broad range of programs, apps and websites whilst being educated about Cyber Safety and the safe use of technology. Our school is heading towards being certified as an eSmart School.  eSmart is an initiative of The Alannah and Madeline Foundation and is a behaviour-change initiative designed to improve Cyber Safety and deal with bullying and cyber-bullying. Being eSmart means our school is equipped with the knowledge, resources and support to promote the smart, safe and responsible use of technology within our community.