The school provides a stimulating and broad based education program to a student body that is culturally diverse– a facet valued and celebrated by the community. The National Curriculum and the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) are used to develop an integrated approach to curriculum planning, teaching and assessment. The school has a strong focus on Literacy and Numeracy. Specialist subjects include Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Japanese, Physical Education and English as an Additional Language. Support and enrichment programs are offered. There are many extra-curricular opportunities including swimming, interschool sport, instrumental music, choir, tennis and a chess club. Children are able to participate in a variety of excursions, incursions and annual camps. The school is a participant in the ‘Active After School Communities’ and provides a variety of after school activities for students.

Culturally Diverse
Strong focus on Literacy and Numeracy
Visual and Performing Arts
Personal & Social Learning
Positive Education