Year One, 2015

After a successful Term 1, we have seamlessly settled into Term 2.

The children’s curiosities have been ignited with our trip to Como House and our Anzac Ceremony. Students have been inquiring about how aspects of their daily life differed 100 years ago.

We acknowledged our past and remembered people who made sacrifices during the First World War, focusing on Gallipoli, the Eastern front and the families involved. We were lucky enough to have a visit from members of the parent community whose grandparents were affected by the conflict and children listened to their stories, explored artefacts and enhanced their understanding of the tragedy of war.

Numeracy has been a time of discovery and intrigue. Students have engaged in purposeful and hands on activities and exploring and understanding number patterns. They have learnt a variety of addition and subtraction strategies and have been developing their mapping skills and applying maths in everyday situations.

Our most recent activity was called ‘Chicken Scramble.’ Children learnt to count using more efficient strategies.

Year Two, 2015

The Year 2s began Term 2 learning about the ANZAC centenary and participating in a commemorative walk and our school’s Gallipoli Oak planting ceremony.
For our Inquiry Unit, Changes Over Time, we focussed on how oral, written and visual communication altered over the course of history.  We also explored and experimented with changes in materials during a number processes including mixing, combining and cooking food and making new hues from available paint colours. We used natural materials to make paints and we observed how combining particular ingredients can cause fizzles and bubbles.