Year Three & Four, 2015

The Year 3/4 area has a full schedule in Term 2. We continue work on our wellbeing foci for the year, cooperation and resilience.  Through explicit teaching the students develop strategies to enable successful and productive working and social relationships.

We value physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle. The Year 3-6 intensive swimming program aims to develop skills and confidence in the water for all participating students.   All students will also participate in the school cross-country event, with some going on to represent the school in district competition.

The school is joining in commemorations of the ANZAC centenary, including the planting of a Gallipoli Oak.

During our Term 2 Inquiry Unit, Australia, You’re Standing In It, students will investigate:

  • the geography of Australia (states, territories, capital cities, rivers, neighbouring countries)
  • natural and man-made landmarks in different regions of the country, especially those in Victoria.