Positive Design Project

We are very excited to showcase our brand new Term 3 Inquiry Unit: the Positive Design Project.

The Positive Design Project is an in-depth study combining the process of design with Positive Education. It is driven by the question:

‘Can we deliberately design objects, activities or spaces that increase the well-being of individuals and/or communities?’

Positive Design is an internationally recognised research domain, emanating from the Netherlands. We are excited that our project has the support of the Delft Institute of Positive Design, and brings the concept of Positive Design to primary school aged students. Importantly, Positive Design uses the PERMA model of wellbeing which has been central to our school’s Positive Education journey over the past three years.

During the final week of Term 2, students were introduced to the Positive Design Project. They completed one day’s learning on the PERMA model of wellbeing, the four roles of design, and have gained experience using the Positive-Design Matrix. They have also spent lessons exploring four different methods which helped them produce design ideas (Random Input, Sketch-a-Thought, Alternatives Timeline, and Mindmapping).

Students were required to come up with their own Positive Design, then complete a series of learning tasks which further elaborated on their design. They were required to complete:

-A Design Brief and application to progress with their chosen design

-An Inspiration Board to help them develop their design and refine their ideas

-Sketches of their Design

-An explanation of how their design works and why it is a Positive Design

-A Visual (Poster) Advertisement promoting their design

-A Radio advertisement promoting their design


At the conclusion of our unit of study, students were required to create a ‘Design Centre’ – a display kiosk which shared all of their work. This, along with the design which they had by now created, was presented to an audience on stage, and at our Positive Design Expo.

This is the Introductory Video which  played at the beginning of our Positive Design Expo:

If you would like further information about the Positive Design Project, or other ways in which we use the principles of Positve Education in our teaching and learning with Year 5&6 students, please get in contact at: james.andrew.e@edumail.vic.gov.au